Welcome to Indian Society of Pulses Research and Development

The Indian Society of Pulses Research and Development (ISPRD) was founded in 1987 with its headquarters at the Indian Institute of Pulses Research (IIPR), Kanpur to promote research and development on pulses (chickpea, pigeonpea, mung bean, urd bean, lentils, lathyrus, rajmash & pea and some other major & minor food legumes such as soyabean, groundnut, cluster bean, cow pea, horse gram, moth bean & the like) establish close association among pulse workers and dissemination of research results by publishing a quarterly periodical "Journal of Food Legumes".

It holds National and International Conferences from time to time on burning topics related to Food Legumes. The latest one was the International Conference on Grain Legumes (ICGL 2009). The Society has around 650 life members and more than 100 institutional members. The ISPRD has instituted various awards to recognize pulse workers.